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Staff center

All the staff of this forum may find some options here.  If you are here trying to apply for a job, then you also come to the right place!

1) Apply for a postion here - If you wish to apply for a postion at my forum, then you are at the right place.

2) Request time off - Staff members can request time off here.  This means you won't be asked where you are that day.

3) Request to sign off early or sign on later-  If you wish to sign off early but start orignal time or if you were to start latter but sign off orignal time, then fill this form out.  This is only nesscary incase of emergencies or if for some reason you have been schedulded a very long time.

4) Change jobs - If you wish to change jobs for any reason go here.  In order to change jobs, you must do it before 1 week or do it when 1 year is approaching or after 1 year.

5) Withdrawal from your job- If for some reason you have to permantly quit your job, fill out this form.  Once you fill it out and is submitted, you will be dropped from your job as soon as possible. This is a "One-Way" action.

6) Feed back for these Forms- I want to know how these forms work for you as well as getting your responses as well as how the staff seem in there responses.  Take this survey and you could be rewarded for doing so.  Only staff members can take this!